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Project Description
UniTest is a light weight ,effective and cross browser JavaScript Unit Test framework with wide range of tests and functions.
It's also support custom output provider to customize data view and lazy load core and test to reduce server load and run test as needed

It's simplest way to create Unit Test in JavaScript with Visual Studio intellisense.

Simple Sample:
Create a html, reference to UnitTest.js file and use this JavaScript.
Load HTML to run Unit Test:
var u = new UniTest(false, true);

u.Module("IsTrue Module");
u.IsTrue('Test one', true, "Test 1 is fail!");
u.IsTrue('Test two', false, "Test 2 is fail!");

u.Module("Containts Module");
u.Contains("Test three", "In the name of Allah", "Allah", "Test 3 fail!");
u.Contains("Test four", "In the name of Allah", "evil", "Test 4 fail!");


Loader Sample:

Create a .JS file, save your test code on it (top script for example) and create a reference to UniTestLoader.js and use this JavaScript on main HTML file.
Load HTML and press Ctrl+F12 to lazy load and run Unit Test:
var loader = new UniTestLoader("/script/UnitTest.js");

and at last, I want to add Unit Test helper for Resharper or Visual Studio Extension, Is there any help?

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